Welcome to the second “Ranch Edition” of the Dude-Halloo! The Foundation realizes that we have two separate audiences in the ranchers and the public who both support the ranching industry. We thought it would make sense to start a “ranch edition” of the Dude-Halloo so we could speak directly to you, the rancher, about issues that affect you as a DRA member and the many benefits of your support of the Foundation that are unique to you, the Dude Rancher. Enjoy!

It Is All About Being a Part of the Community!

Cody Enterprise, March 23, 2023

The Local Cody Newspaper features a progress edition every year highlighting local businesses. Since it is the Dude Ranch Foundations’ 35th anniversary, we were given a half-page article and a half-page ad. Our goal this year is to bring more awareness about the Dude Ranch Foundation and the Dude Ranch Association to not only the local Cody Community but the hundreds of thousands of tourists that come into town every summer.

The DRA and the DRF have partnered on several co-op marketing opportunities and sponsorships:

  • The Cody Trolley has a sign on the outside of the trolley.
  • We share a flag and banner at the Cody Nightly Rodeo.
  • We have a co-op ad in True West Magazine where they are highlighting Cody.
  • The foundation will sponsor the nightly gunfight right outside our front doors in hopes of capturing the interest of the hundreds of people that attend every night.

Cody Voted Best Western Small Town by USA Today

Praised as “perfect for a Wild West-style getaway” and noted for its exceptional recreation, outdoors, and museum attractions, Cody has claimed the top spot and been voted as 2023’s Best Western Small Town by USA Today !

Cody, Wyoming

The DRF and the DRA headquarters really are in the perfect town! Thanks to the many Dude Ranchers who made this happen and continue to make it happen.

Thanks to the DRA Board for Coming to Town!

DRA Reception at the Dude Ranch Museum in Cody

The Dude Ranch Foundation welcomed the DRA board members to Cody for their annual spring meeting. The Museum hosted the DRA board members for a two-day board meeting and a meet and greet reception at the Museum. To utilize the DRF museum and show off some of the historical dude ranch memorabilia was awesome!

2023/2024 DRF Scholarship Program

Christine Howe, Scholarship Recipient

The Dude Ranch Foundation continues to invest in future leaders in the dude ranch industry. The DRF Scholarship Program provides financial assistance and encouragement to students pursuing an educational program that will help perpetuate this great industry and Western Culture. This year we have 14 very qualified applicants to sort through. The DRF board definitely has its work cut out for them. Does your support help these students? Here is what one student had to say:

This scholarship will allow me to continue taking classes like these that will give me clarity on my values and what I find to be most important in building a reciprocal and healthy relationship with the land we occupy. In the shorter term, the classes I take will give me deep knowledge that I will be able to apply to my work at the ranch with guests as a guide, which will hopefully deepen their experiences, in turn.
 ~ Christine Howe

DRF Round-up


We Have a Winner

Emily from Carroll Companies is the lucky Dude Ranch Vacation raffle winner. They have supported the DRA, Foundation, and Dude Ranch industry for many years through the convention as a vendor and a foundation donor. As a reminder, everyone who makes a corporate donation receives raffle tickets that they can use to either enter the drawing themselves or gift to long-time guests, co-workers, or family and friends. The Foundation pays the ranch the winner chooses to vacation at up to $5,000 for their week’s stay. Congratulations Emily!

New Artifacts for the Museum

Dick Elders Saddle and Stand

Thank you to Ginny Elder for donating Dick Elders’ saddle and beautiful saddle stand. Dick built, owned, and operated Colorado Trails Ranch for many years. And he was an integral part of helping the DRA acquire our home in Cody. The saddle and stand will be great additions to the Dude Ranch Collection at the DRF Museum.

In Memoriam

TJ Ferguson

With a sad heart, we say goodbye to one of our own, TJ Ferguson. What a hole he will leave at the Eatons’ Ranch and in the Dude Ranch industry. He was truly one of the good guys. RIP TJ.


Torey Hodges of Battle Born Design

We have some fantastic news to share with you all. Our very own Torey Hodges has just won a prestigious award!

For the fifth year, Battle Born Design was selected as a finalist for the Reed Awards! This year she took home her third trophy!

“The Reed Awards, named after Campaigns & Elections’ founder Stanley Foster Reed, embody excellence in political campaigning, campaign management, political consulting and political design, grassroots and advocacy. Reed Award winners represent the very best the political campaign and advocacy industries have to offer.”

Beginning in the political realm, Torey honed her creative skills in messaging and designing for political campaigns and issue advocacy groups. From there, she branched out to non-profits and found a second niche in museums. And we are so glad she did. We’re proud to have her on the Dude Ranch Foundation Team!

2023 Wrangler Trainings

Let us know if you want to host a wrangler training at your ranch.

Where: Red Rock Ranch
When: May 24th – starts at 9:00 AM
Call the Red Rock Ranch to Register – (307) 733-6288
Instructor – Lauren Pokay

Where: Lazy L and B Ranch
When: May 24th – starts at 9:00 AM
Call Lazy L and B to register – (307) 455-2839
Instructor – Will Ferguson

Where: Bar Lazy J Ranch
When: May 25th – starts at 9:00 AM
Call Tammy at Bar Lazy J to register – (970) 725-3437
Instructor – Cheri Amos Helmicki

Where: Flathead Lake Lodge
When: May 28th – Starts at 9:00 AM (date might change)
Call Jodie at Flathead to register – (406) 837-4391
Instructor – Russell and Laura True

Where: Western Pleasure Ranch, Idaho
When: May 29th – Starts at 9:00 AM
Call Janice at Western Pleasure to register – (208) 263-9066
Instructor – Roley Schoonover

Where: Covered Wagon Ranch
When: June 2- starts at 9:00 AM
Call Covered Wagon Ranch – (406) 995-4237
Instructor – Will Ferguson

Alliance Partners

Thank you to the Alliance Partners that support the Dude Ranch Foundation mission.