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Horse Safety Program

That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way. ~ Doris Lessing, (1919 – 2013)

The DRF Horse Safety Program has been established to educate member ranches and other trail riding programs about safety and risk management practices related to Horse Safety and First Aid for the Trail. There are many certification programs that have been established outside of the industry. Much of that outside information does not apply to trail riding operations. The DRA ranches, on an average day, place up to 4,208 riders in the saddle. We ride approximately one million hours a season. With this expertise behind the association, the establishment of this program is a natural progression. Our goal is to promote responsible and safety conscious horse programs and to assist staff in handling any emergencies that may occur out on the trails.

This program will provide an educational opportunity through the seminars required for ongoing evaluation of safety and risk management practices and associated skills, helping to improve the quality of rancher’s programs. One of the most important goals of this program is to give guest riders an enjoyable and positive experience in the saddle.

Below is a list of ranches that are current with this program. Make sure the ranch you are visiting is up to date with the DRF Horse Safety program.


Three Bars Cattle & Guest Ranch (Exp. 2026)

Arizona Ranches:

Circle Z Ranch (Exp. 2026)

Elkhorn Ranch (Exp. 2025)

Kay El Bar Ranch (Exp. 2025)

Rancho de la Osa (Exp. 2025)

Sprucedale Guest Ranch (Exp. 2025)

Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch (Exp. 2025)

Tanque Verde Guest Ranch (Exp. 2026)

Tombstone Monument Ranch (Exp. 2025)

White Stallion Ranch (Exp. 2025)


Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort (Exp. 2027)

Hunewill Circle “H” Guest Ranch (Exp. 2025)

V6 Ranch (Exp. 2025)


4UR Ranch (Exp. 2027)

Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch (Exp. 2027)

Black Mountain Ranch (Exp. 2026)

Cherokee Park Ranch (Exp. 2025)

C Lazy U Ranch (Exp. 2027)

Colorado Trails (Exp. 2026)

Latigo Ranch (Exp. 2025)

Majestic Dude Ranch (Exp. 2025)

Music Meadows Ranch (Exp. 2026)

Rainbow Trout Ranch (Exp. 2027)

The Ranch at Emerald Valley (Exp. 2025)

Rawah Ranch (Exp. 2026)

Sylva Dale Ranch (Exp. 2026)

Tumbling River Ranch (Exp. 2025)

Wind River Christian Dude Ranch (Exp. 2026)