Scholarship Recipients

Future Leaders of Our Industry

Scholarship Recipients

Future Leaders of Our Industry

Our Current Scholars

2023 – 2024 Academic Year

Cole Christensen, Hasting University – $2500

Derek VanBerkum, Western Colorado – $2500

Grace Johnson, Texas A & M University – $2500

Felicity Halmay, University of Wyoming – $2500

Skye Forgan, Colorado Mesa University – $2500

Victoria Forgan, Colorado Mesa University – $2500

Christine Howe, Colorado College – $2500

Aspen Hunewill/Wright, University of Nevada, Reno – $2500

Andrew Smith, Northwestern, Dillion – $2000

Rory Beach, Sheridan College – $2000

Taylor Peck, Northwestern, Dillion – $2000

The Foundation awarded $26,000 in scholarship monies for the 2023-2024 academic year to the above very deserving students. Congratulations to you all.

Since our inception, the Dude Ranch Foundation has awarded over $455,000 in scholarships to well-deserving students who desire to help perpetuate this great industry and Western Culture.